Hello, I'm a web developer. I currently reside in Brooklyn, NYC. I have an affinity for code which I'm learning constantly and I also have a talent for illustration. In my spare time I enjoy drawing and am working on a graphic novel with the city as my inspiration! Glad you found my site and please drop me a line!

Dennis Han

Cleaning with Meaning, a cleaning service organization in Brooklyn, NY, needed a website redesign and one that would make it more contemporary and also intuitive.

I gave the site a more modern overhaul which included incorporating Jquery animations on buttons and pages and making the site mobile responsive so that users could navigate the site easier and get a stronger impression of the organization.

Click here to see a functional preview.


Misato Pang, an artist in Brooklyn NY, needed a portfolio for her fine art paintings.

She needed the site to showcase her work right off the bat. That meant having colorful thumbnails visible and in-focus as soon as the visitor arrived to the homepage.
She also preferred a large image style in which the large versions of the images would load overlayed over the thumbnails with the background darkened so that the particular painting was in view without any clutter or distraction around it. For smooth transitions and a better user experience I incorporated Jquery animation into all clicks and user actions.

The mobile version has the same experience but with only 3 thumbnails per row.

Click here to see the live site.

NTNYC (Non-Tourist NYC) is a project for my Javascript Development class

I wanted to develop a single page app where I could pull data from the Foursquare API and manipulate that data to my choosing.

I connect to the Foursquare API and pull venue data in an Ajax request. I then push that data into an array which can easily be searched and filtered.

From there my goal is to curate and provide my own scores to certain venues which automatically get filtered in descending order.

Click here to see the live site.
These microsite pages use the client's design scheme as a template. From there they are enhanced to stand out more and be more inviting to the user.

Effects are applied in CSS and Jquery to provide user feedback as they interact with the form. These effects include field placeholders, focus, fade and hover effects, etc.
Dynamic functionality such as triggers that reveal additional questions with Javascript/Jquery are integrated into the form so that the client can further personalize the lead.

After the submit button is pressed, the form is sent to the client's servers. Hopefully the design and interactivity of the form made for a more pleasant experience for the user.

Click here to see a functional preview.
Ben Carson's campaign had an infusion of funds they wanted to allocate for emergency lead generation in some strategic regions. They asked our company to target their campaign across these key regions.

I was able to grab assets from Ben Carson's official website to quickly tailor a design that matched the look of their site and helped the instant recognizability of the campaign.
Ben Carson
Designed and coded by Dennis Han
Email me: dennishan9@gmail.com | Call me: 646.543.5109